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Valhalla Contacting, a prestigious company headquartered in Ontario, has had a remarkable 15-year span of achievements. Their main emphasis is on developing exceptional decorative concrete overlay systems. Along their path, they have invested substantial resources in pioneering an unmatched method for designing decorative concrete patterns.

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Stone work concrete, a fusion of concrete's resilience and the elegance of natural stone, creates a striking aesthetic. This method involves attaching stone veneers to a prepared concrete surface. Stone veneers, crafted from materials like limestone, sandstone, slate, granite, or simulated stone, are chosen for their aesthetic and textural qualities. The concrete base provides structural stability after meticulous preparation, including cleaning and smoothing.

Special adhesives or mortars, chosen for their enduring bond, are applied to both stone veneers and the concrete surface, withstanding environmental challenges. Skilled craftsmen arrange the veneers, ensuring a seamless fit and mimicking natural stone's beauty. Grout fills gaps and enhances structural integrity, preventing moisture infiltration.

After grout sets, the surface is cleaned, and additional treatments may be applied for protection. Sealants defend against water penetration and environmental factors. Maintenance is generally low, involving periodic inspections and cleaning. Stone work concrete finds applications indoors and outdoors, adding charm and durability to accent walls, facades, fireplaces, and more. It's a versatile choice that combines natural stone's timeless allure with concrete's strength, ideal for various construction and design projects.