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Valhalla Contacting, a renowned company based in Ontario, has experienced an impressive 15-year period of success. Their primary focus lies in the creation of outstanding decorative concrete overlay systems. Throughout their journey, they have dedicated significant resources to innovating an unparalleled approach to crafting decorative concrete patterns.

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Stone work concrete, a harmonious blend of concrete's durability and the sophistication of natural stone, produces a striking visual appeal. This technique entails affixing stone veneers onto a meticulously prepared concrete surface. Stone veneers, crafted from materials such as limestone, sandstone, slate, granite, or simulated stone, are selected for their visual and textural attributes. The concrete foundation ensures structural stability through careful preparation, including thorough cleaning and smoothing.

Specially chosen adhesives or mortars, known for their enduring adhesion, are applied to both the stone veneers and the concrete surface, standing up to environmental challenges. Skilled artisans arrange the veneers with precision, ensuring a seamless fit that replicates the beauty of natural stone. Grout fills gaps, enhancing structural integrity and preventing moisture infiltration.

Once the grout sets, the surface undergoes cleaning, and additional treatments may be applied for added protection. Sealants act as a defense against water penetration and environmental elements. Maintenance is typically straightforward, involving periodic inspections and cleaning. Stone work concrete has versatile applications indoors and outdoors, lending charm and resilience to accent walls, facades, fireplaces, and various other elements. It serves as a flexible choice, combining the timeless allure of natural stone with the strength of concrete, making it well-suited for a range of construction and design projects.