Don't You Think It's Time Your Home Had An Upgrade

Don't You Think It's Time For You To Upgrade Your Home With Jewel Stone Concrete Finishing?

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Elevate the ambiance of your residence by incorporating Jewel Stone steps or a stamped concrete driveway that will endure for years to come. By choosing a polished concrete surface that mimics nature, you can increase the worth of your house while impressing those around you, including your neighbors and friends.

What is Jewel Stone

What is Jewel Stone or Stamped Concrete?

The process of stamped concrete involves enhancing freshly poured concrete with added colors, patterns, and texture, resulting in a visually appealing surface that exhibits a vibrant, multi-toned, and three-dimensional appearance. This technique allows concrete to mimic the natural look of materials such as slate, brick, or stone, while also offering the flexibility to incorporate customized designs onto the concrete surface.

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What is Jewel Stone

Jewel Stone is an outstanding coating formulated with acrylic modified cement, specifically developed to turn ordinary concrete surfaces into stunning simulated stone finishes. This versatile solution is perfect for revitalizing and enhancing weathered and deteriorating concrete in a wide range of applications, including walkways, terraces, patios, pool areas, and industrial or recreational flooring that requires both durability and elegance. By utilizing Jewel Stone, you can achieve the timeless and luxurious charm of handcrafted stone, slate, flagstone, fieldstone, tile, or wood plank, utilizing a variety of colors, all at an affordable cost.