Difference between jewel stone and flag stone


Jewel Stone sealer is the best one you can find on a market. Covers up a very vast area and lasts for many years
Jewel Stone is polymer modified and strengthened concrete. It is stronger than flag stone!


This product when applied as a concrete overlay system is proven stronger than concrete too !


With a vast variety of color options and designs jewel stone beats flag stone. Flag Stone is easy to stain and scratch versus sealed polymeric jewel stone floor.


Compared with flag stone or pavers – Jewel Stone floor is super easy to wash and clean. With a small pressure washer or just water hose you can clean it any time. Jewel Stone is laid and sealed as one piece which means water can’t get underneath. Grouting doesn’t need to be redone for Jewel Stone.


Jewel Stone projects are water proof and water resistant versus flag stone.


The most and the best cost effective solution for your porch and walkway is Jewel Stone concrete decorative system.
Jewel Stone doesn’t raise high of floor vs stone raises the area for minimum 2″. Foundation walls can not be fixed with natural or man made stone vs you can fix any foundation walls with Jewel Stone because thickness is only more than a quarter inch.

Perfect for swimming pool decks areas provides permanent protection for your concrete.

Flag Stone doesn’t withstand the weather in winter and in many cases areas open up- then water gets under it vs jewel stone is sealed up at one piece what makes the water impossible to go underneath.


Choose jewel Stone to archive the most modern and elegant look. None of Flag Stone finishing can provide such style and elegancy.

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