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Concrete resurfacing, grinding, removal

Valhalla Contacting has 15 years of experience and  is the best company in Ontario  specializing exclusively in decorative concrete overlay systems. Since the very beginning, the company has tried to earn its own and inimitable style concerning manufacturing the decorative concrete.

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Concrete / removal / grinding / resurfacing / Etobicoke / Mississauga / Toronto

Concrete resurfacing, grinding, and removal are all important steps in the process of revamping a patio or driveway. Concrete resurfacing involves the application of a protective coat — usually a mix of acrylic resin and various aggregates — to protect against UV rays and sparkle up dull surfaces. Grinding is another key step because it flattens uneven surfaces prior to resurfacing, allowing for a deeper surface penetration with added durability. Last but not least, removal can include removing loose pieces of concrete as well as anything showing wear and tear that needs patching before any further treatments are done to the concrete. All three steps are essential for achieving a smoother-looking hardscape that stands the test of time.