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Valhalla Contacting, an esteemed company headquartered in Ontario, has been successfully operating for 15 years. Their primary expertise lies in crafting exceptional decorative concrete overlay systems. Since its inception, the company has diligently worked towards developing a distinctive and unparalleled method for designing decorative concrete.

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When renovating a patio or driveway, there are several essential steps involved, including concrete resurfacing, grinding, and removal. Concrete resurfacing begins by applying a protective coating made of acrylic resin and various aggregates. This coating serves to safeguard the surface from UV damage and enhance its visual appeal. Grinding is a crucial process that smooths out uneven areas prior to resurfacing. It ensures better adhesion of the coating and increases overall durability. Lastly, removal involves addressing loose concrete pieces and repairing worn-out spots before proceeding with any other treatments. The combination of these three steps is vital for achieving a polished and long-lasting hardscape.