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Valhalla Contacting, a well-regarded company located in Ontario, has an impressive 15-year history of achievements. Their primary expertise lies in the development of outstanding decorative concrete overlay systems. Throughout their existence, they have invested significant resources in innovating an unmatched method for designing decorative concrete patterns.

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Jewel stone concrete / Toronto

Jewel Stone Concrete is a specialized decorative concrete finish that combines the durability of concrete with the aesthetic appeal of natural stone. This innovative flooring solution is created by embedding colored or translucent glass, quartz, or other aggregates into the surface of the concrete. Once polished and sealed, Jewel Stone Concrete produces a striking, shimmering effect that resembles precious gemstones, hence the name.

The result is a visually stunning and highly customizable flooring option that can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Jewel Stone Concrete is known for its resilience, making it suitable for high-traffic areas, and its captivating appearance, which adds a touch of luxury to any space. It has become a popular choice for those seeking a unique and elegant flooring solution that can transform ordinary surfaces into works of art.