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Valhalla Contacting, a highly respected Ontario-based company, boasts an impressive track record spanning 15 years. Their main area of expertise centers around the creation of exceptional decorative concrete overlay systems. Over the years, they have dedicated substantial resources to pioneering an unrivaled approach to crafting decorative concrete designs.

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Jewel stone concrete cost / Toronto

Jewel Stone Concrete is an exceptional decorative concrete finish that fuses the enduring strength of concrete with the visual allure of natural stone. This cutting-edge flooring solution is crafted by embedding colored or translucent glass, quartz, or other aggregates into the concrete surface. After undergoing the polishing and sealing process, Jewel Stone Concrete creates a dazzling, glistening effect reminiscent of valuable gemstones, hence its name.

The outcome is a visually captivating and highly adaptable flooring choice suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Jewel Stone Concrete is renowned for its toughness, making it ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, and its enchanting appearance, which infuses a touch of opulence into any setting. It has gained popularity among those seeking a distinctive and sophisticated flooring option capable of transforming ordinary surfaces into masterpieces.