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Jewel Stone Porch&Steps

If you are looking for a way to transform everyday concrete porch&steps into a beautiful, decorative and faux stone finish, there is no better way than Jewel Stone. This new acrylic modified cement based floor coating, can be applied to concrete and masonry, and you will end up having a decorative and attractive stone finish steps, adding value to your home at a very affordable price.
Jewel stone is a acrylic modified cement based coating, designed for use over existing concrete and masonry.

Both interior and exterior, Jewel stone can be textured, coloured, and patterned to replicate a wide variety of finishes such as stone, brick, tile, slate and more.
We have a wide variety of designs with our Bomanite system of stamping and imprinting concrete.  When using our proprietary coloring systems, release agents, stains and Bomanite imprinting tools and embossing skins, we can add a decorative touch to any project. Stamping has the durability and strength to stand up to the toughest traffic loads and environmental conditions.

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We also have many textures to choose from like slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone, and brick, just to name a few. And we top it off with compatible water and solvent based sealing materials that protect the surface as well as help to reduce maintenance by resisting stain


The Durability Your Pool Decking Needs

Jewel Stone is an ideal choice for pool decking since it can be customized to match the architecture and landscape of any home. „With the strength and ability to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, Jewel Stone can be applied to any existing exterior concrete decking to beautify it and add value to your home or property and make your pool stand out.” Once the product is sealed, it’s virtually water-impermeable. It’s perfect for use in areas where water would otherwise be a problem like your pool. Call us to install your new pool deck makeover project.


We use concrete resurfacing „Jewel Stone” line of products as they utilize the latest technology to give unsurpassed durability and design versatility. As certified Jewel Stone installers, we have the knowledge and experience to make your pool deck beautiful, unique, durable and extremely cost effective.

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The design and colour combinations are for your pool deck are limitless, allowing us to give your swimming pool deck the look of real stone at a fraction of the cost


Jewel Stone For Your Patio

Many homes are built with concrete patios because it’s sturdy and durable. However, they flake and deteriorate over time, leaving an eyesore for the homeowner and a major renovation to fix it.

Jewel Stone is a product designed to restore concrete to its original beauty. Jewel Stone is an acrylic-modified, cement-based coating that can be used to restore and beautify old deteriorating concrete. „It’s ideal for patios that requires the look and performance of stone.

The possibilities of transforming any existing solid surface such as concrete, or ceramic tiles into a beautiful looking stone finish. J performance of hand laid stone.

Jewel Stone is ideal for any patio that requires the look ande, slate, tile or what ever your imagination desires, as the textures, colours, strength, design and versatility are endless.


 This material is toweled over your existing surface which saves a great
amount of unnecessary costs and effort of removing an existing base and
disturbing existing foundation.


This acrylic modified cement-based coating „Jewel Stone” is made with a premium blend of selected silica aggregates and mineral additives for optimum adhesion, strength and durability.

Versatile Product For Walkways

Jewel Stone can be coloured, textured and patterned to replicate a wide variety of finishes, including slate, flagstone, tile or wood plank.


Plus, it comes in a combination of colours that will satisfy any homeowner’s individual taste and vision. Have fun when you decorate your home’s exterior!



For more information on the our Jewel Stone product and how it can transform your home, speak to an expert today! This concrete contractor can provide advice on making your outdoor spaces beautiful again.


Decorative Concrete walkway is an acrylic modified cement, which is mixed onsite in buckets and applied directly on concrete, or old tiles.


It is then handmade to look like seamless stone, stone slab, stone tile & flagstone. Jewel Stone Decorative walkways come in 30 standard colours that are custom mixed and applied to compliment your yard, and match the natural look of hand laid stone or tile.

Product Highlights:
  • Available in hundreds of colour combinations
  • Endless creative possibilities
  • Strength which exceeds concrete
  • Economical and easy to install
  • Can be applied to most surfaces
  • Can withstand heavy traffic
  • Endures harsh freeze thaw cycles
  • Excellent abrasion resistance


Jewel Stone For Driveways

Jewel Stone is an affordable alternative to Stamped Concrete. This material is the ultimate in acrylic modified cement-based coatings that transforms everyday concrete into beautiful decorative stone finishes.  Jewel Stone can be used to restore and beautify old deteriorating concrete. It is ideal for walkways, terraces, patios, pool areas, or any industrial or recreational flooring that requires the look and performance of stone.

These are the most obvious advantages in the choice of

Jewel Stone:
– Available in hundreds of color combinations
– Endless creative possibilities
– Economical and easy to install
– Can be applied to most surfaces
– Can withstand heavy traffic
– Endures harsh freeze thaw cycles
– Excellent abrasion resistance

Stamped concrete is basically concrete that is placed, colour being integral or dry broadcast on top, and then stamped with large rubber impression mats that make it mimic the look of natural stone. It is a very durable product the way formed concrete should be.
There is one very important factor to preserving the 'look’ of stamped concrete, however. Regular sealing with a concrete sealer.

Although there usually won’t be any effect structurally, the visual presence of the product will be affected with damage in the form of pitting, scaling, chipping and the fading of colours. Stamped concrete is purchased for it’s looks as it is for it’s durability.

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Stamped concrete resurfacing can use tinted sealer to either improve the original faded colour of the stamped concrete surface or, if you just want to change it and want something different, we can premix different colours and tints into the sealer to completely change the appearance of the slab.

Stamped concrete repairs such as flaking, pitting, chipping, crazing and cracks can all be successfully repaired by concrete resurfacing to make your stamped concrete driveway look as good as new again.
Compared to the cost of removal and replacement, our stamped concrete repair systems are very cost effective and extremely durable.

For stamped concrete sealing we can easily give a quote through e-mail with just some basic dimensions of the area involved and the last time it was sealed. For stamped concrete repairs, we will need to look at the condition of the concrete slab to assess the extent of the damage and recommend the best course of action to restore it.

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